Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You (2011)

  Okay, so me, Mango, and Papaya went to see Thank You in the theaters tonight. Which Mango probably is writing about or in the middle of writing about as I type this, lol. I know there have been A LOT of bad reviews for this movie. But I so happen to love this movie.

  A funny note for this movie though... I think Akshay Kumar doesn't seem to like pants in this movie, lol. He wears a lot of robes as do others in this movie. And when the first part where Akshay jumps up and you see sensor blocks, I thought I was just seeing things, lol. I was completely startled. I didn't really enjoy that part; I just don't see why they couldn't have covered it up a little more... cleverly? lol. Not that there was really anything to see, I think he had shorts under... I... please don't tell me I opened a can of worms? lol.
  Oh! but him wearing a pink sari? That was priceless! Even though you did see it in the trailer, it still kind of shocked me and was like 'oh my gosh', lol. He played it off well, with no indicator he felt embarrassed or shameful. Kind of cute if you ask me ;P
  I liked the directing and producing though. It was different... the camera shakes and such (sorry I'm not a pro, I don't have big words to use for it). As Papaya had quoted me before, please don't think I'm out of line:
" Elysa: (discussing & what we did/didn't like about it) "I liked it. It was spazzy and it was like you're on acid but you aren't." "  -- lol, I thought it was funny.
  As for those who said it wasn't funny, I found it freaking hilarious. Laughed throughout the whole movie. There wasn't really a time I wasn't at least smiling.
  Oh I'm going to end my little tidbit with the fact that Bobby Deol's hair bothered me in this movie. I know we're going "retro" with the 80's... but that hair is not the way to go... and there was one scene where his hair was cut decently, but it was just a tease! The next scene it went back and you never saw it that way again.  What a tragedy. You can't see it too terribly well here, but trust me. If only he would've cut the back bottom of it, it would have been much, much better.
   However, I will give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars. I will probably buy this movie, and add it to my growing collection of movies I love : ]

   Oh! And (in response to those who say he should retire) I don't care what they say, keep Akshay! He can't retire yet! lol : ]


  1. Bobby's hair... always been an issue :). I'm surprised you liked the movie, it seems to be like with Tees Maar Khan, when everyone hated it, and I personally found it quite funny.

  2. TMK was the first movie we saw in a theater, and we all loved it. :) We found it completely hilarious. Thank You wasn't as funny, but it was still funny.

    And I've never seen Bobby's hair this bad. Seriously, sir, THIS is not attractive! At all.

  3. Actually, I like Thank you better than TMK, lol.