About Us

This blog started with three American friends with a passion for Indian cinema. Said passion is relatively new (as of late 2010), but it is fervent. Why we love Bollywood is hard to tell and impossible to put into words, though we've tried. In fact, after realizing that we watched more than 30 Hindi movies in the space of two months (which is probably more American movies than we see in an entire year), we're almost certain we could call it an obsession. An obsession that we ramble at great length (this is Bollywood; great length is the only length that exists) to anyone who will listen (or pretend to). We realized sadly that our friends, family and acquaintances are getting tired of hearing us talk Bollywood, so thus, we blog.

We the Bollywood Queens are:

Elysa (Kiwi Lee Cherie), Caitlin (The Mighty Mango), and Lexi (Paagal Papaya).

About The Mighty Mango:
Caitlin is currently the primary blogger here. By night, she is a newspaper copy editor and page designer and a recent graduate of the University of Florida. Her literary studies focused mainly on British literature of the Regency and Victorian eras and on colonialism, nationalism and postcolonialism (with an eye toward Indian postcolonialism in particular). She has a particular attachment to and fascination with Rudyard Kipling, the diehard British imperialist who loved India at heart. As a literature student and writer, Caitlin likes to think she's a qualified critic of storylines and story qualities, and she has also ventured into film studies. In addition to being Bollywood deewanee, she's also a grammar Nazi. When not glued to a computer screen, she can usually be seen traipsing around rodeos and bluegrass festivals in her cowboy boots.

About Kiwi Lee Cherie:
Elysa is a photographer and is currently studying cosmetology. She has a little thing called an 'unorganized mind,' so her writing will be all over the place. (In which Caitlin will most probably come in with a critique :P lol). She loves to watch a wide variety of movies, and feels bored with American movies at the moment. It's hard for her to write about herself, soooo... her is going to stop now.

About Paagal Papaya:
Lexi is a college student and part-time photographer. She's also one of the most random people you'll ever meet, and her hair has a mind of its own. Besides Indian films, she also likes cheese, mustaches, and anything that has to do with Mexico. She likes learning new things ... well, mostly obscure and unimportant facts that don't have anything to do with anything. You can usually find her on Wikipedia.

For more about us, check out our Q-and-A page.