Friday, July 1, 2011

Imran Week: News on Upcoming Film Short Term Shaadi

According to the Times of India, Karan Johar is delaying Imran Khan’s upcoming film Short Term Shaadi to bank on Imran’s rising popularity. It’s only fair that I tackle this interesting development during, well, Imran Week!

Specifically, the Times says, “Karan Johar seems to have delayed the release of his film 'Short Term Shaadi' to bank on Imran Khan's rising popularity.

Now I’m going to skip my high-and-mighty journalistic rants about the quality of composition in this little article (from the world’s largest English-language newspaper) and the fact that short-term should be hyphenated in the film’s title, and get to the real interesting thing here: KJo thinks he needs to wait to capitalize on Imran’s popularity.

I’m still rather new to the whole Bollywood arena, but it does seem to me that Imran is less of draw than even the others in the younger set like Shahid and Ranbir. Maybe we have the stronger attachment to Imran that we do because we watched an Imran flick (I Hate Luv Storys) before a Shahid or Ranbir one, but it seems that we’re in the minority. Imran is, though, somewhat younger to the business than Ranbir or Shahid, even though they’re all about the same age (Ranbir and Imran are 28; Shahid is 30).

But with today’s opening of Delhi Belly, which has been much-hyped, Imran appears to be looking at a possible launch (re-launch?) of popularity. At least that’s what KJo seems to think, and I may agree with him.

Another Imran flick, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, also starring Katrina Kaif is set to land Sept. 9 (the same day, mind you, as Ranbir’s Rockstar and Shahid’s much-much-much anticipated Mausam; theaters and yours truly are going to have some tough decisions to make). I don’t know much about Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, but it sounds like it’s set to be a decent draw too.

So, then, if Delhi Belly and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan are set to give Imran a boost, is Karan Johar wise to delay Imran’s next film? The way I see it, this decision has two sides to it. One, if Imran gets a boost from these next two films, holding off on releasing the next one instead of releasing it on the heels of a successful one can hurt you. The old adage strike while the iron’s hot.

But on the other hand, waiting to see how your star’s image comes out in his two preceding films can help you with your advertising and marketing plan. If Imran comes out well-liked, you slant the campaign toward the fact that it stars Imran. If Imran doesn’t get much of a boost, you focus on something else.

So, is KJo’s choice wise? The Times seems to think so. I’m on the fence.

This, I suppose, is one of those rare places where Hollywood and its one-film-at-a-time model have an advantage over Bollywood’s high-volume, one-on-the-heels-of-another output.

Read the rest of the Times’s brief article here, if you’re interested. Additional thoughts, anyone?

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