Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indian cinema is "pre-cynical."

I think I've found part of an explanation for the way I feel about Bollywood. I found this quote when reading an ESPN story "Why You Should Care About Cricket" by Wright Thompson. It's an amazing story and a great read that I'd recommend. It's an American sports writer's attempt to understand cricket, Sachin and India and how they're all intertwined.

But back to the purpose: This quote about Indian cinema really vibrated with me:

"The suspension of disbelief in India is prompt and generous, beginning before the audience enters the theater itself. Disbelief is easy to suspend in a land where belief is so rampant and vigorous. And not just in India; audiences in the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia are also pre-cynical. They still believe in motherhood, patriotism, and true love; Hollywood and the West have moved on." - Suketu Mehta in "Maximum City"

Essentially, it's a way of saying that Indian cinema still has true values; Hollywood has moved on to bitter cynicism.


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  2. Aah this is such a lovely quote! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! I love Indian movies, they're literally my happy place. :) xx