Tuesday, April 29, 2014

IIFA 2014 Tampa Bay gossip: Priyanka Chopra seriously ticks off Ranveer Singh during the show

Photo courtesy of IIFA
I've got much more to come later on how covering the IIFA Awards was a nightmare, but first I thought I'd whip this up and put it out there:

Months ago after Gunday, some sources said Ranveer Singh vowed he’d never work with Priyanka Chopra again.

Those of us sitting on the floor at the IIFA Awards this weekend in Tampa Bay saw the rumored spat turn into a full-blown fight during PC’s act.

After some aerial stunts and busting more than a few moves, Priyanka descended from the stage during Tune Maari Entriyaan to the celebrity seating, where she was met by an eager Ranveer. After good-naturedly shimmying a bit with her Gunday co-star (worth noting other co-star Arjun Kapoor wasn’t there, though his daddy was), she proceeded to her real target: John Travolta.

60-year-old Travolta, of course known for shaking a leg in hits like Grease and Saturday Night Fever, was there accepting a special award for his outstanding contribution to international cinema. He proceeded on stage with her to show off those dance moves. The video is amazing, if you haven't seen it.

He later accepted the award from and then did a dance with Hrithik Roshan, the only star’s name he even tried to pronounce, probably wisely so after his now infamous Oscar gaffe.

But let’s just say Ranveer wasn’t too happy about being passed over for a Hollywood star.

He stormed off to the side, found organizers and proceeded to let loose a serious string of abuses. The organizers of course had to placate Ranveer as he was performing later in the show.

Also later in the show, Priyanka was supposed to be presented with a special “Woman Of Substance” award (you know, one of those things they cook up just so she gets something). But announcers said she had left to catch a flight and so her music agent would accept it in her place.

I have to wonder whether a fight rather than a flight was the cause for PC’s early departure. It does seem odd that she'd plan to leave before being presented with her only award of the night.


  1. oh my god why are you making such big deal...?
    this performance will be already rehearsed before the original show...like ranveer coming and exiting and dancing with travolta all are preplanned...cant you see that?...even travolta dances well,thats not coincidence but they already rehearsed it well enough.......you guys seem like unprofessional website according to me...degrading media can do anything to get someone down..leave them alone

  2. Oh grow the hell up? What's with you Bollywood people getting so pissy because someone criticizes the behavior of some actor? People can be jerks. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, at the end of the day they are just people. Stop trying to worship these shallow, makeup caked jokers. If you're so seriously into worshipping people who are making a ton of money for having their images projected on a movie screen be one of those fools who starts a church to these people and have done with it.
    You'd rather hear lies and want the world to be lied to? Why? Really, what stake do YOU have in some other mother's child being seen as "perfect? They aren't going to invite YOU to their house. I am so sick of my fellow brown people acting like brainless bootlicking members of a terrified mob who think that if they kiss a rich person's butt enough the person will let them live. Have some respect for yourself and quit being a toady. No wonder these people are shallow and have so little respect for you. Just trying to suck up to someone who has money, and what for? They aren't going to give it to YOU either way! It's not the media's fault if these people act like assholes. Blame a culture that teaches them that any fool with more than 20 Euros in their pocket is an incarnation of God. And if it wasn't for the "media" you wouldn't know anything about these people. They degrade themselves. The media just reports it.

  3. please just shut the fuck up...................i dont think you would even reach half of their success in your entire career....dont you dare to talk about them rudely....
    i wish if you would become a celebrity ,you will know the pain and pressure (from media) the celebrities will go through..........ppl who talk like this about other people without a confirmatory evidence(sometimes even your eyes may jinx you) are totally losers themselves..............
    hahahahahhahaha....................shame on your lame post and all the media

  4. totally fake post without any proper evidence