Sunday, March 31, 2013

A white girl's second (or third?) Holi

Last year, I shared with you the experience of my first Holi.

This year, I don't have as much fun information about the experience of Holi to share, but I do have some great photos. I went with a handful of people from my Bollywood movie club, and we had a blast despite some rather unsavory weather (we got rained on at the end).

I got soaked by water and color in alternating patterns — getting full on drenched with a water hose and then having a whole package of color dumped down your back is what Holi is about, right? — and this year my white shirt definitely didn't wash clean like it did last year. But my contact lenses were spared this year, and I knew ahead of time that my undergarments were going to come out a lot more colorful than they went in, so I was ready for it.

On the flip side, I think the weather kept a lot of people at home this year, and things were perhaps a bit more hesitant than they were last year, something I lament.

One of these years, I want to be in Delhi for Holi.

Domino effect. You bump one, you bump us all.

Somehow I was most colorful. Don't know how that happened.

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