Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aladin (2009): Hurrah for funny subtitles.

So, I started this post a million years ago just so I could save it in drafts and show Papaya the hilarious subtitle gaffes from this film.

When I was in Jackson Heights, I bought a few DVDs that were... less than fully legitimate. Aladin was one of them. I don't have much to say about the actual film because I watched it a couple of months ago, the quality was horrible and barely watchable, and the subtitles were in-and-out.

I will say that it was an interesting take on the Aladdin story but sometimes nonsensical (Aladin is too old to be picked on like he is), I like Ritesh Deshmukh, and Sanjay Dutt was a good villain. Otherwise, the film was mostly just blah.

But now I present you the best part of watching this horrible quality DVD: the paagal subtitles!

Real line: "You're not a genie; you're a con man."
I like to think Big B's face says, "Oh, no, someone found my moonshine still!" (For those of you unfamiliar with moonshine, it's corn whiskey.)

Real line: I HAVE NO CLUE! I don't even know what he was trying to say in any language!

Real line: "I don't know why guys don't wear clothes like this nowadays." I suppose if you break it down, clothes are cloths, but still. The line made me think "loincloths."
That's the wrong kind of waste, subtitlers, plus it should be wasted. Pretty sure his waist wasn't speaking the wishes. (Although perhaps below the waist was wishing for Jasmine...)

OK, so this one isn't funny, but this is the most ridiculous and pretty sexist line I've seen in a long time! I mean, really? Rules are useless if you can't "get a girl"?!


  1. I have a couple of not fully legitimate DVDs at home, but I've stopped buying them a while ago. I used to think they were originals - that's how naive you can be... (Shaking my head)...

  2. Oh, they were $2.50 a piece. I had no illusions that they were legitimate. But I'm used to getting quality fakes for $3 at home. Besides the few from Jackson Heights, all of the ones I bought in New York (a large chunk of my collection) are legit. But at home, I have little access to legitimate DVDs, so I have to settle for good fakes.

  3. The subtitles are funny.. You guys actually watched this. I can't stand Riteish and that Sanjay Dutt..no no. I like your blog and will definitely check back again..Keep up the good work 3bollywoodqueens- Hullahaha (twitter)

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